Winter Storm Watching at Waoku Lodge

winter storm watching

It gets stormy here on the West Coast. When the weather gods are at work, gale force winds, giant swells and pounding surf combine to produce a show more awe-inspiring than anything Hollywood can conjure up.

Raglan is at its most atmospheric in winter. So why not take a break from routine and escape to Waoku Lodge for a few days of windswept beach walks and storm-tossed ocean views? Nothing quite beats the exhilaration of battling it out with the elements before retreating to one of our cosy apartments, where you can watch the weather from a warm window seat or the bubbling sanctuary of the spa pool.

And if you pick the “wrong” days and turn up during a spell of fine weather, you get to experience empty beaches, bluebird days and starry night skies. Wild weather or warm – you just can’t lose. Check availability here.